Thursday, December 27, 2018
By Michelle Jacobs
What Is Included In the Sale of The Home?

What if you want to keep the seller's furniture?

When you buy a pre-owned home, do you know what will come with the house? Do you get to keep all the appliances, the art on the walls or the outdoor pizza oven on the patio?

Determining what will stay with the home and what will go with the previous owner will vary by seller and contract. Here at The Lake Of The Ozarks it is quite common for a home to be sold completely turn key - from dishes and silverware to bedroom and living room furniture.  Here’s how to determine what conveys with the home you’re considering, as well as tips to safeguard yourself when negotiating those extra items. 

1. Check the listing. Start at square one and look at the original listing. Hopefully the seller specified the items included in their home’s asking price.  Most of the time a detailed list of items to convey with the home is included and both Buyer and Seller should sign this form to acknowledge what stays with the home.  

2. Know the screwdriver rule. For the most part, if it takes a screwdriver to remove, it’s considered a part of the home. This includes shelves, light fixtures and even curtain rods. But, if it’s hung on a nail, it’s removable and likely not included in the sale.

3. Negotiate with the seller. If there’s something you’re interested in that isn’t part of the listing, we can negotiate with the seller.  Remember it is important to have everything in writing. 

4. Talk to your lender. If the seller agrees to include big-ticket items, you’ll want to tell your mortgage lender. Depending on the type of loan you have, it could affect the appraisal or change the value of the property.  Many lenders prefer this be handled outside of closing and not included in the appraisal. 

So, unless the seller specified that the washer and dryer in the listing, you should assume they’re not included. As for the pizza oven? If it’s built into the patio, it’s probably already built into the listing price.  But it is always best to make sure and get it in writing.  

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