Wednesday, January 2, 2019
By Michelle Jacobs


Take a drive down any street, and you’re guaranteed to see dozens of different types of homes with a variety of landscaping and decorative elements. How many of these common types have you seen?


The first Cape Cod homes were built in the 1600s. They were inspired by Britain's thatched cottages, but built with steeper roofs and larger chimneys to withstand cold Northeastern winters.  Most of today's Cape Cods were built after World War II, Cape Cod-style homes were the first style to be used in moderately-priced subdivisions that popped up during the post-war baby boom. A symmetrical exterior with a steep roof and gable dormers define this style.


Bungalow and Craftsman style homes were born out of the Arts and Crafts Movement. The emphasis is on natural materials — wood, stone and brick. Wide front porches and low-pitched roofs are typical. The interior's open floor plan features built-in furniture, big fireplaces and exposed beams.


The features of contemporary homes can vary wildly from one design to the next, but they typically incorporate large windows, natural light, an open floor plan and geometric shapes. Contemporary design features state-of-the-art materials, glass and metals.  Contemporary design often sticks to a stricter palate of black, white and grey. If color is added, the color is often the pure, saturated tone like true red, indigo or orange.


Not to be confused with contemporary, modern homes are inspired by the modernism art movement and embrace simplicity and open spaces. Modern design often features wood and earthier elements.  Modern design colors have an earthier hue and feature shades like rust, turquoise, brown and olive greens.


Colonial home styles include the three most popular types: Dutch, Georgian and Federal. All use evenly-spaced shuttered windows and symmetry, while Dutch Colonials bear a resemblance to barns, Georgian Colonials feature strict symmetry and Federal Colonials display more decorative elements.


Originating in England, the Tudor style is one of the most recognizable home styles. Best known for steeply pitched, multi-gabled roofs and decorative half-timber framing, Tudors were mostly built in established neighborhoods during the first half of the 20th century. The steep-pitched roofs are perfect for rainy and snowy climates, which is why many of these homes can be found in the Midwest and along the East Coast. They typically feature exposed wood frameworks and a brown and beige color palette. 


Similar to modern homes, ranch homes also emphasize open floor plans and functionality, but the exterior designs may differ. Focused mainly on practicality, most ranch homes also feature an attached garage.  Typially a ranch style home has everything you need on one level.  

At the Lake of the Ozarks you can drive your boat around on the water and these styles of homes and even more.  If you drive in the old Southwest portion of Columbia, MO. you can see all of these syles as well within a few blocks of Stewart Road.  

Home trends and styles are always changing, but one thing remains the same, I am here to help you find the perfect home for your family.  Please call me today at 573-693-1551 or 573-489-2551 for any of your real estate needs.